How Much Can HGV Drivers Get Paid in UK

Driving is not just a medium of traveling. It is something a lot more than that. Driving gives a lot of exposure to new places, new things, fresh communications, new people from different backgrounds, religions, home towns, etc. Driving if done with passion and enthusiasm also helps you make your career in the same field. Driving may act differently for different people, as some people enjoy driving, some people have a great passion for driving, some want to pursue it as a career choice, Some just do it for the sake of livelihood, some only do it when they need to travel to one or the other place. And driving has different exposure to different types of driving thinking. 

Driving is not a monotonous thing, it is something that changes every day with new trends and technologies. Different vehicles need different skills of driving. Talking about HGV Drivers, HGV Driving needs proper HGV Driver training and driving tests to get the licence and can have legal driving and they learn new things every day through different experiences. The salary of an HGV Driver is based on skills and the experience of the person in the driving profession and it also depends upon the city in which you are applying for. The approximate salary of an HGV Driver is £31,787. Read more to know about the exact figures of an HGV Driver.

How to be an HGV Driver?

The person needs to go through the already designed process to get the clearance of the license for the lorry. The process includes proper HGV Driver training and then proper examination to get the C+E licence, that is the license used for professionally and ethically driving a lorry. 

The process of HGV Driver training is defined below.

Theory training- Theory training is designed according to the final examination to check the basic knowledge related to common rules and regulations related to driving, traffic rules, and other necessities while driving.

Practical Training- Practical training includes exposure to driving skills, it is designed to sharpen your driving skills, so that you can drive in any circumstance. The circumstances may include weather conditions that are less light availability, excess light availability, excess rainfall conditions, offroading conditions, sloped roads, more traffic than expected, and much more.

The driving examination includes three categories based on training that are:

Medical test- Medical test is designed at the first point to check if you are a fit person to drive the vehicle like a lorry or not. This includes a basic checkup with the concerned doctor to check your fitness for your safety. If the person clears out all the requirements in the medical test then only the person is eligible to go for the theory test.

Theory Test- Theory test is designed to check your basic knowledge of driving, rules and regulations, and other priority things while driving. It is a multiple-choice question-based test. There are 100 questions and you need to do 85 questions correctly to clear the examination one go. If you clear the theory test that is 85 multiple choice questions correct then only you can go for the last test that is the practical test.

Practical Test- Practical test is designed in a way to check your practical exposure to driving, your experience in driving, or how good you are at the basics of driving. This test is kept to check if you know the rules in the theory test whether you can implement those in your driving or not. The practical test is categorized based on different situations that can occur while driving which includes sloped roads, windy weather, less availability of light, excess availability of light, somehow offroading conditions, and some excess traffic conditions.

These HGV training and examinations are kept to keep you and other people on road safety so that the person who knows driving in and out gets the license of driving. 

What is the salary of an HGV Driver in the UK?

The average salary of an HGV Driver in UK is defined according to different cities of the United Kingdom. A salary is just a number but what matters the most is your interest and your affection for your job. The approximate salary of an HGV driver is £31,787. Thus number varies according to different cities in the UK like:

HGV Drainage Operator 4 on 4 off Nights Hingham

  • Deopham, Wymondham, NR9 4PX

£14 – £16 Per Hour


Class 1 HGV Night Trunking

  • WestField, Pontefract (WF9)

£17.22 – 28.44 per hour + Holiday in Lieu


HGV Recovery Driver

  • Chesterton, Newcastle, ST5 6FD

Up to £31165 per annum


HGV Drainage Operator 4on4off Days Hingham

  • Deopham, Wymondham, nr9 4px

£13.25 – £15.50 Per Hour


These are some of the salary outcomes from different cities and different professions.

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